My (old and Recent) Projects Without Proper Instructable.




About: I'm a mechanical engineer in the Eindhoven region. In my spare time I like to make random stuff, both usefull and especially useless.
Not all my projects I turn into instructables. Some of them because they already had an instructable about them, others because they are too old and I don't have any pictures of the build or simply because I don't make an instructable for every project.

These are the finished projects




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    Some interresting ideas, and some where I'd love to get a full instructable, but thanks for sharing. I think the matchcube is going on my list... Did you light it up at some point? :D

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    Tell me which and maybe I will make one, depending on the pictures available.

    But I didn't light the matchcube, I dropped it before it was time to light it. Here is the movie I used for creating it.

    Apart from the matchcube (thanks for the link) I'd be interrested in the wheel of fortune, seeing how there are instructables for some of the other ones. I expect it "clicked", and I wonder how you managed that.