My on the Go Electronics Kit


Introduction: My on the Go Electronics Kit

There are so many times when you are on the go and have to fix something you have. This small, portable kit allows you to fix anything or make anything easily away from home.

Step 1: Organizing the Kit

I organized my kit into 7 sections with one section 3 boxes long for some longer items.

Step 2:

Here are the seven sections from left to right.

1) Some capacitors

2) A length of insulated copper wire

3) Some different diameters of solder

4) Red LED lights

5) Yellow LED lights

6) Some heat shrink tubing, a 1 inch stick of hot glue (can be heated using a lighter), and a nail (can be heated up and used as a soldering iron)

7) Some 1.5v batteries and some momentary switches

This is my on the go electronics kit. Of course you could customize this to meet your needs.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy this project!



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    4 Discussions

    what exactly do you do "on the go"?

    don't understand the "project"...

    1 reply

    The point of the project is to be organized and prepared to make stuff away from home.