My Survival Pack.

Introduction: My Survival Pack.

Hi im gona show you how i made my survival pack.
Items that i used:
2 multi tools(becose 2 is beter than 1)
peanut butter(have lot of energy)
some sugar
2 plasters
soap wipes
cleansing wipes
allergy medicine
Altoidos box
non woven sponge

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Step 1: First Aid Kit

I placed my plasters on bottom of the box. Then i placed soap wipes and cleansing wipes on top of palseters. Then i placed painkiller and allergy medicine on top of them. Then i placed non woven sponge on top of em to give protection.

Step 2: Placing Items.

First i placed peanut butter on bottom of pack. Then i placed new layer and placed all other stuff on it.

Step 3: Using

You can place it almost anywhere. Comment every comment is welcome. 

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    Sehän on pakki!

    Jos on niitä sota-aikojen vehkeitä niin kannattaa pestä pesukoneessa jos ei tunnearvoa ole kerännyt, saapi nätin ja kiiltävän siitä. kaveri kokeili intissä ja huutia tuli niin maan saatanasti :D