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Introduction: My Take on a Bookmark...

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Instructables is full of creative ideas for bookmarks. This isn't quite one of them, but... this bookmark is simple to make, easy to replace, and it won't fall out of the pages (a constant problem of mine).

If you wanted to make my beer cap windchime but don't have the patience to save that many caps, this may be the project for you ;)

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies & Tools

You'll need:
  • a rather large & thin rubber band
  • string of your choice
  • a beer cap, coke cap, etc. 
  • awl
  • scissors

Step 2: Poke & Cut

Poke a hole in the cap using the awl.

Measure out about a foot of string, maybe a bit more. The longer you leave the string, the more books your bookmark will fit. 

Step 3: Tie the Ends

Thread one end through the hole in the cap and tie a tight double knot.

Single-knot the other end onto the rubber band. 

Step 4: The End

Stretch the rubber band over the book's binding somewhere near the center. Use the free-moving string part to mark the pages. If you prefer, you can poke two holes in your cap as shown, thread the string through both, and tie a knot.

Wow, that was easy. You can transfer it to the next book when you're done. The rubber band is thin so it shouldn't damage the pages or binding. 

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