My Tape Lamp

These probably spent four days of time, because I in the process of making many is my thought. Although last tape or not bright, but also good finished.

According to the pictures steps

Step 1: 1

Collecting scrap of tapes.
 Clearing out the above tags.
This step is the most trouble, because the offset is very bad cleaning.
Although used a lot of cleaning agent, but the real work less.
So the magnetic tape, fuzzy and dismantled clear tape box combination together.

Step 2: 2

The magnetic tape stick up.
Finally the whole Mosaic found the complex than imagined.
Because cannot let these stick together, so I put the tape box stick together do support framework.
Ha ha, lamp holder also is to use tape box.

Step 3: 3

I bought a remote-control switch, sonic lamp holder, ordinary lamp holder, and led lights.
According to the circuit diagram link lamp holder and switch.

Step 4: 4

Put in the light
One of the lamp holder install colored leds

The first things to share photos bring with.

Because language problems, I have a lot of statements no credible place, hope you don't mind.

I like here, and I'll gas!



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