My Transformer Blitz





Introduction: My Transformer Blitz

this transformer is a tank i made. It is not from any of the movies, comics, or cartoons.

Step 1: Pieces You Need to Build It

the pieces are:
4 small grey cogs
8 two way orange/black conectors
18 chain links
9 white rods
9 ball joints
10 knexman hands
3 small blue spacers
2 blue rods
1 white/black snowflake connector
2 purple 4 way slot connectors
2 yellow/grey 5 way connectors
1 grey 1 way connector
1 knexman body
2 feminine end ball joint connectors

Step 2: Building the Tracks/feet

these may be complicated, but there are photos from different angles to help

Step 3: Making the Legs and the Body and the Arms

all in the name =]

Step 4: The Head and Gun

this step should be reletively easy

Step 5: Putting It Together

if you don't get it just ask!

Step 6: Transforming It to a Tank!


Step 7:



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    9 Discussions

    that reminds me of mouse trap you should make him with that im going to use some of this with my ideas

    What is that orange piece? The big one? I don't have anything like that. Can I make it using other pieces?

    i think that blitz transrmer is awesome but it doesnt have very good legs that why i improved on the upgraded blitz and also mounted shoulder missles