My Un-named K'nex Gun.

Introduction: My Un-named K'nex Gun.

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hey everyone.

   this is my first step by step but i think i did well with it. on my other instructable people say the handle and trigger looks flimsy but believe me , it is not. please rate well. if you may have noticed, i have created a new kind of bullet. This is way better than any other piece of ammo ever created before. i have added card feathers on to the ends of the rod. this makes it fly straight and if you curl the feathers it spins and pushes the bullet forwards like in a plane. this makes it travel further. also, you can now pierce targets from a long distance as it doesn't spin around in flight. when this happens the bullet may hit the target side on not piercing it.

these steps are obvious by looking at the images so i didn't put text with them.

looks good

one shot
takes a long time to create the ammo

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Step 1: Scope

Step 2: Grip

Step 3: Butt

Step 4: Handle

Step 5: Barrel and Trigger

Step 6: Connecting

Step 7: Elastic Bands

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