My Vacuum Tube Collection


Introduction: My Vacuum Tube Collection

This is my collection of vacuum tubes, these were all given to me and are original. For a very long time Iv'e wanted some vacuum tubes and then my mom brings home a big box full of them and now I'm very happy! most of them are from Sylvania, then RCA, then realistic lifetime tube, GE, and a few others. I believe most of these still work, when unboxing them, I only saw two that were labeled bad, I wish I had a way of testing them without ruining them. I was a bit dissapointed that the boxes or tubes didn't have dates on them except for one that said 11/59. 



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    Find a local amateur radio operator, they usually know someone with a tube tester. And being that you are sitting on AMERICAN NOS tubes, you have a VALUABLE FORTUNE there. Use Google Shopping to determine value and then eBay them. Dont screw up these tubes on useless projects. Find useful circuits and build those. Use an old used (and tested) tube for checking your circuits. If you want to sell any of these, send me a list and $ . G

    if you want some circuts to get satrted ask me

    and also if you want to lose some

    and thirth
    that is no projector lamp
    i want its type number

    it looks like an end tube to me (penthode)

    You can check the filaments with a multimeter. Just a basic continuity check. The tube can have a good filament and still be bad, but the filament is the most common part of a tube to fail. A full check requires a tube tester, which is an expensive piece of equipment nowadays. If you want to look them up, here's a site with a lot of tube datasheets.  They can tell you what each tube is designed to do.

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    I have tested a few of the tubes filaments with a 5V 2.8A power supply and most of them seem to work, I just emailed a friend of mine that works at a TV repair shop to see of he has a tube tester. Thanks a lot for that website! I've only been able to find 3 data sheets so far on other websites.

    I have absolutely no use for them at all at the moment but I was hoping i could make a vacuum tube tesla coil or maybe a radio. I'll probably sell a few cause their worth a lot of money.