My Version of a Cheap Back Yard Wi-fi Internet Dish




Introduction: My Version of a Cheap Back Yard Wi-fi Internet Dish

This is Dcrap's  version of a Wi-Fi internet booster dish. It all started over beers when my neighbor Wolfie aka Santa said something about his wife's internet. This got me to thinking about building a booster dish.

So we set out to find parts for our build, everything was found in his garage..he's one of those guys who never throws anything away. We located a round plastic front grill of an old rotating fan. Next an aluminum pie plate, a plastic champagne cork, a wire antenna ring I took from my old 10' black 'n white TV I've kept around for the setting up of Free To Air systems and a 5' length of SMA cable and the antenna that attaches to my Rangebooster G desktop adapter.

A round hole was cut out of the center of the aluminum pie plate this would allow for attaching it to the fan grill.

Then I inserted the antenna ring in the middle of the pie plate. By the way the ring does absolutely nothing its just for show.

Next I drilled a hole down through the middle of the plastic cork just big enough for the antenna to fit snugly. This hole allowed the SMA cable to be tightened on the back end of the antenna and the antenna to fit tightly into the center of the pie plate and fan grill.

All looked good so went home and made the install. I was immediately greeted with one more bar on the signal range. Not bad for scrap junk found laying around on a beer fueled Sunday afternoon. More from Dcrap later

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Step 1: Start by Cutting a Hole in the Middle of the Pie Plate and Attaching It to the Front of the Grill

Step 2: This Picture Shows the Pie Plate on the Back of the Grill Which I Did Not Like So It Was Removed and Installed on the Front Then the Antenna Ring Was Installed and Secured With a Wire Twist Tie.

Step 3: A Hole Was Drilled Down Through the Plastic Champagne Cork and the Rangebooster Card Antenna Was Pushed Down Into It With the Attachment End Protuding Out the Back Allowing the SMA Cable to Be Added Later.

Step 4: This Is the Finished Product Being Held by Wolfie AKA Santa.

Step 5: After a Couple More Bottles of Refreshments I Took This Cheap Back Yard Wi-fi Booster Dish Next Door to My Place and Installed It Outside My Computer Room Window. This Build Increased the Signal by One Bar Which to Me Was a Giant Step.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that is probably the easiest construction method for a parabolic antenna I have ever seen! Just for design sake, I would probably used a small pot lid for the center, then spray painted it all flat black so it doesn't look ghetto or stand out (for some reason I like my outdoor gear to be stealthy). I may have to try this design as a project... heaven knows I can find a old pot lid and a fan grill ;) Great 'ibble!