My Version of the Arc Reactor

Introduction: My Version of the Arc Reactor

This is probably one of the easiest Arc Reactors to make at home.  it cost me about $15 and took about 30 minutes to build.  It is made to look good under your shirt (sorry I couldnt get any pictures of me wearing it). it should look like the MVKI or MVKII  

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Step 1: Materials

Here is a list of materials:

($8) LED tap light
($3) set of shower curtain rings
(20 cents) conduit locknut
($2) copper wire
($3) belt
hot glue gun

Step 2: Take Apart the Tap Light

this is relatively easy...

take off  the back of your tap light.
You will have to get the top off.  to do this you will either have to unscrew the three small screws or wedge it open with a knife or srew driver.  then cut off the edge of the circle part to make it look like the picture   

Step 3: Make the Plasma Ring

center the conduit locknut in the shower ring and wrap the wire around the conduit and  the ring between the cogs.  it should look like this 

Step 4: Finishing Up

All you gotta do is hot glue the belt to the battery pack (do NOT glue on the batteries) and glue the ring to the top. 

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    not bad for such a simple and cheap reactor (much better than mine! lol, but its not hard to be better than mine)