My Way to Keep Moment




There are moments I want to keep.

I often store the piece of the moments

and sometimes take it out to go back to the time

I can use diary, memo or photo for it.

And this small time capsule is one of the methods.

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Step 1: Idea

Actually no explanation is needed, this is just an idea.

For ingredients It takes nothing more than paper, pen and container.

I will just show how to fold the shape in the picture. ( and it's really simple too )

Step 2: Folding

1. You need long paper, The width should be more than 6 times of height.

2. Fold the line in second picture to the end of the paper.

3. Make the shape, rolling the paper round the line.

4. Left length is just put in to the crack, and it's done.

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    3 years ago

    I like this idea. Thank you :-)