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Introduction: My Wife's Shoes Cabinet

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I made one, but my wife insisted that she needed more storage for her shoes?!!!

Alright, wife’s request is the command; and another shoe cabinet was put on drafting table.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

I like the bold look of cabinets made of thick boards but that would cost me a lot of money for material. So I go with the ¾” (18mm) thick ply wood. And the 50mm wide planks are used as cabinet face frame.

Material that I used:

1. 18mm ply wood board

2. 50mm plank


1. Kreg jig

2. Hand tools

3. Screws & sand paper

My cabinet dimensions are: W400mmxD350mmxH1200mm, so my boards are cut into:

1. 2ea x 35mm x 1200mm (side panels)

2. 6ea x 332mm x 364mm (shelving)

3. 1ea x 350mm x 364mm (top panel)

Step 2: Making the Face Frame

I used the kreg jig to make pocket holes on the planks. I have to admit that this tool is very handful in installing things like this, biscuit joints, dovetail joints are professional but take really serious tools that a home hobby maker like me would dream about.

It makes my life easier, just get the piece in place, clamp down and screw in at the back.

Step 3: Face Frame Completed

OK, my face frame was completed. It looked good, for now.

Step 4: Installing the Boards

Then I did same with the boards, drilling pocket holes, clamping down and screwing it in.

First with the top panels and then the side panel, & shelving from the down to the bottom one. One by one.

Step 5: Finishing

And here is how it looked. Stand alone.

Applied some sanding.

I like the natural color of the face frame, so I left it as it was.

Step 6: The Result!

Voila, my wife’s shoe cabinet next to its colleague. My wife was happy with this cabinets and surely more shoes are coming. Anyway, it's a pleasure to make beloved women feel happy. Because when they're happy, every one is happy.

Thank you for reading through my post. I also hope my little project would give you some ideas on spending your weekend. All comments are welcomed! Have a nice day.

P/S: I'm going to put a door door for the top shelf & use it as a miscellaneous storage.

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    3 Discussions

    Great plans, just what I was hoping to find for my shoe loving adult daughter's collection!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Really nice! I can't wait til I have more room - I want something like this. Right now we've got all our shoes piled in a storage bin in the closet. :P


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the nice comment. :)