My Wooden Eyeglasses

Intro: My Wooden Eyeglasses

My wooden eyeglasses.
Made with 0.6 mm ebony and zebrawood veneer.
The eyeglasses has been composed by 6 layer of veneer glued and curved together and handworked after.
The hinge is made with a red leather strip.
The lenses are from my old eyeglasses, a Rayban Caravan.
All the wood  are from industral waste, so the cost of that eyeglasses is near 0$!




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    Fantastic,I am chronically ill and am constantally falling asleep and breaking my last 5 pairs of glasses.If I sent you a pair of my old glasses, how much would it cost you to make me a similar pair n post to me here in the uk?

    Mrs Janice Nicholls


    5 years ago

    Those are so cool, I want some!