My Workarea!

Introduction: My Workarea!

About: Crazy and creative Industrial design student at Kielce Technology University.

I want to share with you my work space and show you how to make your workarea better.
You can see my desk and my workshop on photos, in next steps I will show you what I do to make my workspace better.

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Step 1: So... What Next? Protect Your Surface!

Yes... what I do to make my space better? You want to know huh?
So... when I start making something i put a piece of plywood on my desk because I don't want to scratch my beauty surface.Hmm... on photo you can see my desk clean, but I always have a mess on it.(when my desk is clean I can't find anything:)) when I must make something using a template, then I put project to my MP4 player and I can use it when my PC is turned off and i can go with my projects to workshop.

Step 2: Let's Teleportate to Workshop!

My workshop is in basement under  home it's my kingdom! no... but I spend a lot of time there.
I go to the workshop when I making a bigger project like a tripod or a cart . I have there a lot of tools but I don't have money to buy new wich I need :(

Step 3: End!

Thanks for reading!
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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey , Very nice and tidy workplace and definitely batter from mine :)

    I hope you can develop your workplace :)

    Take care .......... Mohammad


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Your work area is really impressive I wish my was as neat lol, but I'm always
    working on something.