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About: I like sewing and crafts,and trying new things. I'm vegetarian and always looking for new recipes. My cat's name is Mirko and likes to be in the centre of things, so you will see him in several of my instr...

Here are some photos of my workspace for the Share Your Space Contest. It's a bit modest since I live in a one bedroom condo. Instead of a shed, studio or workshop to work in I use my living room coffee table, dining room table and kitchen counter.

The coffee table is great to work on since it is by large windows that let a lot of natural light in. This is great for taking photographs when I'm documenting my projects. Of course in the winter when the sun sets at 4pm I sometimes head to my kitchen counter for photos.  I have really bright florescent lighting there. For sewing I use my dining room table.  Storage is always an issue when living in a small space, clutter is something I can't seem to escape.  When company is coming I have to do a lot of clearing up an stashing away. I have a few shelves and a storage box/ottoman that can hold a lot of craft things (I collect a lot of random items that I think I might be useful in projects).

If I would be able to design my dream workspace, I would first of all like to have a dedicated room for it (so I don't have to clear away things when company is over or if I want to eat dinner).  The room should have a lot of windows for lighting and plenty of storage space.  Ideally I would also love to have an outdoor workshop for gardening and working with power tools or  other crazy stuff (MIG welder) that you shouldn't use in a condo.

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    Love the kitties! Can relate to the space issue, I live in what I call a "mini loft" and my desk is actually my "workshop" But I can never,ever keep it clear, I spent 4 hrs "cleaning it off" one day. I make jewelry and I figured I'd put all the loose beads where they actually belong. Problem is, a few days later, they are replaced by other "loose beads" if I'm working on anything. Sometimes I want to just take a swipe and knock everything off my desk, but then I'd be hours picking up beads out of the carpet! "Sigh"
    Came across this tip: use a sticky lint roller brush to pick up beads off floor. I haven't tried it yet.

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    Invest in a wireless keyboard and mouse and they will help with your computer space. Actually a wireless trackball like the Logitech wireless trackman would be even better. Its what I use. Since you move the ball instead of the whole mouse it uses a lot less desk space. The cats like to chase the ball though when they knock it off the desk. I have found it in some interesting places. *******

    Sometimes they just take the desk over.

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    Thanks, that is a great idea, love your cats that's a great picture!

    I have a lot more kitten pictures in one of my instructables,

    It has not been that popular but I think it was good if only for the cat pictures.

    You have......aaaaaaa, counter space ! I haven't seen space in our kitchen on the counter since 2001 ! Nor any room on the Dining room table either (we haven't eaten at the table in 20 years).

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    My "workspace", With tools, scattered bits, pieces, and other componants, 2 desks, a table, a director's chair, all cramed into an 8 foot by 5 foot area.....I can move my chair 3 inches to the right OR to the left (not in each direction), and forward a bit to get a little closer to the work kitchen is actually worse, but not because I have cluttered it....certain person(s) stay home all day but still don't have "time" to do dishes, etc. *sigh*n ;-)

    It wouldn't be too bad IF most of the space was not taken up with desks, cabinates, and a table.....but as it is, my "actual workspace" is limited to the number of inches I can move my chair.....and that is really cramped.

    Your cat looks exhausted, perhaps from playing with the tape measure. Great space and love the window picture.

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    I feel like I know you, but now I feel like I know you even more, thanks for sharing this. Your kitty is like mine - always in the middle of what I am working on, reading, or typing at the computer.

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    Cleaning up between projects is 90% of the reason I don't start (or finish) more things! But space is always hard to come by.

    What are you working on now?

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    The purple fabric that my cat is lying on is my attempt to make a quilt (it's my first one so I don't really know what I'm doing). I'm also trying to finish crocheting a teddy bear for my friends baby shower which is this Saturday, I need to hurry to get that done.