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    Yeah, but I'm so limited now. Either way its better than nothing. I miss my garage :'(

    mine did bought another car no space to work had to move to shed no power i have to run a extension cord there to work with power tool and i have roll my welder cart all the way to the driveway to weld with it ( where the 20 amp 120 volt outlet is )

    USA to UK Thats it now, but I can't use most of it. (they don't seem to like solder fumes or sparks and there isn't power out in the shed)

    Well, let's just say " one man's treasures are another man's junk"! Another piece of pie, son..............

    hahaha instructables is the only online place where we have families, maybe thats why its such a good community?

    I'm starting to think the opposite... (but then again I do get all (except 1) of their robot shirts)

    that being said I could use some support in the Holiday Treat contest --have some PUMPKIN PIE
    (Oh, and by the way Tuxgirl got 2 t-shirts.........)