MyAxe 08


Introduction: MyAxe 08

Hello! I wanted to make a simple, cheap and minimalistic target board for picaxe.
It has got M/F headers and only the necessary components.
You can even make your own shields!
Later, I will add circuit diagrams and other stuff!
Video of more complicated blink:

symbol led = 0 
symbol delay = b0
delay = 1000
high led
pause delay
low led
pause delay 
let delay = delay - 10
goto main




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    4 Discussions

    Looks very cool and easy, can you actually program the controller with a audio plug connection?

    1 reply

    Yeah, picaxe programming cable usest 3.5mm plug! Check

    Very neat  & -yes- PICAXEs run OK on ~2.5-5.5V, although just 2 cells don't give much supply overhead...  THOUGHT: You may want to check assorted 2, 3 & even 4 X AA switched battery box approaches =>   or

    I've been a great fan of these battery boxes & regularly hack them for all manner of circuitry. See perhaps =>  One we made used a 3 X AA box but fitted just 2 cells & put the PICAXE circuitry on a lift out PCB "finger" that fitted it the 3rd cell space. Holes for LEDs etc were suitably drilled. The lid slid on to hide everything nicely.   Stan.