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Introduction: My Workshop

A tour of my workshop and everything in it for the "show us your place contest.



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    That looks a very busy workshop. Thanks for showing us.

    Someone should invent a self-neating workshop where, when you are done with all the tools for the day and paint tins, glue, paint brushes, tape and the rest , you just walk out, switch off the lights and the tools re-neaten themselves.

    And when they are done, one of 'em sends you a text telling you the re-neating is done!

    You should totally extend that bookcase at the entrance and make a secret door. We know you have the tools to do it! Nice shop.

    Very nice workshop. It looks like you have a lot of nice tools. The only thing I can say is you may want to organize it and clean it up a bit. I know how hard it is to keep a work room clean but it pays off in the end and makes building and making stuff a lot easier.I really like the sign you have above your door.

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    I love how in picture seven, you take that peg board into the third dimension. That is a truley inspirational work. I really enjoy how the top item is your cap.