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Introduction: Mylar Window

This is just a quick fix I came up while sitting in my freezing house one cold day. I figured if you could keep warm using an emergency mylar blanket then it would be pretty effective at keeping heat from leaving through your windows. Mylar keeps 90% of your body heat from escaping when using it to stay warm and dry. It would be a good option if you were snowed in and stuck for an extended period of time. Obviously, it would be more efficient for personal use, but if you have an extra one to spare it should help reduce the loss of heat from your house!!!

Step 1: Parts

  • Mylar emergency blanket
  • Tape

Step 2: Implementation

  • Place the mylar securely against the window and tape in place.
  • Make sure to not leave and openings between the mylar and the window seal (this will maximize the heat retention and keep the cold out).

That't it, quick and easy!!!!

Disclaimer: Your neighbors might think you're crazy, but at least you'll be warm!!!



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We used leftover insulation foam boards the same way in our 40+ year old house. Reflective side
inside or flip to have it reflect away. We labeled them and stored them
away. This year I'm planning on covering the white side with some
leftover fabric for windows with no blinds. Blinds hide the foam board on some windows.

Was thinking of doing this but the opposite way for summer. It's getting extremely hot now. Temperatures jumped around 10-15 degrees for my city. So thinking of reflecting sunrays back OUT of the house.

The blanket will work, but as you suspect, it is better to be used against your body. The reflective surface is intended to do just that- reflect heat from your body instead of radiating away.

When sealing a window, that reflective property is less of a bonus compared to trapping a large amount of still, insulatative air and blocking drafts. @rickharris is correct that clear plastic would be just as effective without blocking all of the light.

A very minor consideration is that using foil to block windows is sometimes seen as a sign of a marijuana operation...

Err and dark?

You can get almost the same insulating properties with clear plastic AND be able to see out of the window.

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Point taken, but I believe that the mylar would retain much more heat than clear plastic. Also, if you're snowed inn, I imagine that seeing outside would be irrelevant.

Sounds like time for an experiment of plastic versus mylar.

I use bubble wrap currently, not for insulation, but for privacy - it acts as a nice cheap diffuser.

Awesome fix, and who cares what neighbors think! Especially when you'll have a lower heating bill than them by a long shot! Thanks for sharing!

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