Sathothy's Guide to Knex Ballmachine Elements/lifts




About: Hi! I'm sathothy and I live in the Netherlands. I like to make coasters and ballmachines with knex!

Welcome to my guide to my new knex ballmachine elements/lifts. In this guide you will find elements that are made by me(and some other elements that arent posted yet and awesome elements that are worth it to post it again).
I will keep editing this guide when i made an new element( witch hoppfully whil happen alot) So remember to check this guide now and then.
Also if you have any name ideas for elements please suggest them( I'm bad with names)

Step 1: Ball Shute Thingy

The ball rols in this element.
This element is like toeti's element in obligation, but since that element doesnt work whit the newer style balls i decided to make one that works whit the newer style balls.
This one is less costumizaible but you can make nice curves and twists whit it.

Step 2: Ball Lowerer

.This is an original element by bezempje95 but since he made all his video's private i decided to post it.
Be sure that the ball enters this element whit speed others it won't work.
I used it in my ballmachine fireblast(

Step 3: Micro Knex Ferris Wheel

Its a micro knex ferris wheel!

Step 4: Micro Knex Mazes

Two mazes i made whit micro knex

Step 5: Two Ball Ball Arm

This element is originally designed by bezempje95 I only modifieded it. There are two versions of this a big one and a smaller one. The big one was used in armaggedon, and the small one was used in Composition

Step 6: Flip-flop Path Selector

This isen't an element and it isen't new but it's worth posting it.
I recommend this path selector if you have lots of pieces becuease you don't need lots of hight for it but you do need lots of pieces(mainly snowflakes)

Step 7: Ball Arms

I used the motorcycle ball arm in armageddon

Step 8: Two Rail Coaster Path

Its a new way of crostie path. This way there isen't much friction and it goes smooth.
I used this element in armageddon

Step 9: Sort of Pinwheel Thingy

It looks a bit like the pinwheel

Step 10: Crostie Stairs

Step 11: The Ball Replacer

This is the ball replacer as used in my ballmachine Nebulus( )

Step 12: S-drop

A cool element that uses micro track. I used this in Composition.

Step 13: Micro Pathing

A cool type of micro path, you can use this with all types of different lengths of rods to create cool curves. I used this in Composition.

Step 14: Down and Up Ball Arm.

The ball enters the upper slot, goes down, rolls out of the upper slot, rolls into the other slots and then it gets raised up again. I used this in Composition

Step 15: Spinning Shute

The ball enters the shut from above and then it starts spinning. It makes a really cool sound aswell. I used this in Composition.

Step 16: Motorized Path Radomizer

This is the motorized path randomizer I used on Composition.

Step 17: Path Selector

Basicly just my spin on some of the other designs like this. I used it on Composition.

Step 18: Lifts

We are heading to the lifts right now, which I invented on my own.

Step 19: Micro Knex Wheel Lift

You should be able to make this out of the pictures.
It are 15 cabines

Step 20: Motorized Madness Ballmachine Lift

I made instructions for this lift right here:

Step 21: Double Car Elevator Lift

This is the double car elevator lift I used on Composition. I have no idea how to explain it in words but I have a video of it here( the double car lift is shown near the end of the video):

Step 22: Shifting Wheel Lift

This is the shifting wheel lift I used on Composition, I made instructions for it here:

Step 23: The End

I hope that you enjoyed that serie of elements!
If you have any questions, ask them.
And don't forget to check this now and then for edits

And don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe!



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    14 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    it would have been better if there was a bottom view double car and the side and not top off the gear's more detail please.


    4 years ago on Step 23

    Oh WOW!! its so cool seeing things built for the larger balls from Motorized Madness and Big Air Ball Factory.... We need more like this... Or do I have 12 large balls that are pretty much useless.. lol


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Bedankt! I love micro knex!

    (trouwens ik ben ook Nederlands)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ik weet het, ik ken je op SSC :P Ik praat op forums alleen altijd engels, is een gewoonte geworden


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oke ik zij het ook voor als je het noch niet wist. En ik vind het niet erg hoor als je engels tegen mij praat op Instructabels of SSC. Ik vind het toch makkelijker om in het engels over knex en achtbanen te hebben. :p


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice guide ik ga sommige elementen gebruiken voor in mijn ballmachine

    Pretty good. If i may, suggest a different name for the "ball lowerer." I always called it the "cliffhanger" but you definetly don't have to change it. Just a thought. 4.5 stars!

    1 reply