Mystery Box

Introduction: Mystery Box

The hidden place project will show something

that may appear to just be one thing but may also be used to hide something that could be useful for example, this project will be based on a cardboard box with hidden objects that'll help display the product.

Tools needed – what tools will you need to construct this project?


Glue gun

Hand saw

Sand paper

Materials needed – these are all of the parts that go into the design. This may include forming materials, paints, hardware, etc.

Pink and yellow paint



Wooden box

Particle wood

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Step 1: Getting the Right Box

Find the right box to have put the materials in the box.

Step 2: Measure

Measure the box so that the particle wood can be able to go inside the box with no issues.

Step 3: The Particle Wood

This the particle wood that would be implanted in the box would be cut with a handsaw.

Step 4: Placing Wooden Blocks

Place the wooden blocks by hot gluing the wooden blocks in the box to keep the particle wood up in the box.

Step 5: Piece of Particle Wood

With the particle wood, it'll help the whole effect of the hidden feature. You'll sandpaper the sides to smooth after you hand saw the particle wood to the liking of your box size.

Step 6: Making Sure the Wood Fits

After sandpaper the wood, you'll try to fit the wood in the box to make sure it could stay up to create the top layer and bottom layer part.

Step 7: String to Lift Up the Part

Find a string or ribbon that would be strong enough to lift the wood up. Measure the string or ribbon to however long you want it. Cut to the desire length that you want it to be. Then hot glue the spot that would be put on the part of the wood that would be lifted up.

Step 8: Painting (optional)

Any color paint would be great and is completely fine.

Step 9: Final Step !!

When that process is done, everything would be done you can put whatever you want on top and something at the bottom.

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