Mystery Science Theater 3000 T.V. Overlay Board

Introduction: Mystery Science Theater 3000 T.V. Overlay Board

Who doesn't love watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 make fun of bad movies? Have you had any movies you'd wished they riffed? After an idea popped into my head, I made this: A board that can be placed over the Television screen of your choice. Now you can watch a movie with the three hecklers watching the show with you.

Materials & Tools:

Measuring Tape
Tape or Glue
Paper or Card-stock
Flat Black Spray Paint
Sticky Tac
An image editing software. (I recommend using G.I.M.P.)

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Step 1: Downloading the Templates

First, you must download the RAR file containing the templates using WinRAR:

If you don't have WinRAR, then you can download it for free here:

Included are two templates with silhouettes of Joel Hodgson, and Mike Nelson, giving you the option of using your favorite human host.

When in WinRAR, just click the button "Extract To," select a folder to export them in, and click OK.

Step 2: Measuring the Television Screen

Next, using your tape measure, measure the exact width of your T.V. Screen. Measure only the screen, and not the frame.

Step 3: Resizing and Printing

Next you must upload the template file that you chose into an image editing program. I'll be using GIMP and Microsoft Paint for this tutorial.

GIMP (The GUI Image Manipulation Program) is a free image editing program. It can be download here:

After opening the file in GIMP, go to the tab “Image,” and select “Scale Image.”

Looking at the Scale Image window, under Image Size click on the down arrow for a list to appear. Select Inches. Under Width, type the number of inches of your T.V. Screen and click Scale. Save/Export the image.

I would also recommend naming the scaled image something different from the original, in case you want to make another board.

Next, you must open a program that will print the template to it's actual size, not scaled or cropped. Microsoft Paint works best.

After opening the template in Paint, go to Print and select “Page Setup.” Under Scaling, make sure the option “Adjust to 100% Normal Size” is selected. Before printing, make sure everything looks alright under Print Preview. Print the image on your paper or card-stock.

Step 4: Making the Template

Using the scissors, cut off the excess paper on the the left and right borders of the image. (Because my template is three pages long, I only trimmed the sides of the middle page.) Be sure to leave the borders on some pages so you can attach them together.

Using tape or glue, attach the pages together. Make sure they are aligned as best as you can.

Then, using your tape measure, check the width of your template just to make sure it printed out correctly. Then add a one-to-two inch border on the sides and the bottom of the template. This will give you a surface to attach the template to the T.V. Frame.

Cut around the border.

Step 5: From Paper to Cardboard

You will need some cardboard big enough for your template to cover. You can find some scrap cardboard at a convenience store or maybe your neighbor has some lying around. Using tape or glue, (whichever you find easier to use) attach the template to the cardboard. Cut out the board carefully. If you happen to be using cardboard with a fold in it, then glue a small piece behind it to keep the fold stable.

In order to cutout the holes on Crow's head, with a needle, carefully poke holes multiple times in each circle and dig out the excess cardboard.

After cutting, glue a toothpick or a needle behind Crow's neck in order to give it more strength.

Step 6: Painting the Board

Using some flat black spray paint, spray the entire board at least three times. After the board is covered, allow it dry for a while.

Step 7: Attaching to T.V.

Using some sticky tac, attach some to the side and bottom borders of the board. Then line it up with the T.V. Screen and attach it firmly to the frame.

Warning: Be careful because sticky tac can leave a residue on your Television.

Step 8: Watch Your Favorite B-Movie!

Put in a B-Movie you enjoy watching. Sit back and enjoy having the three hecklers in front of your screen!

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