Mystical Mermaid Face Paint

Introduction: Mystical Mermaid Face Paint

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Go under the sea in style with this mystical mermaid face paint inspired by the Wolfe Brothers from the Park Favorites Face Cards Collection!

Step 1: Start With Light Blue

First, I swooped some light blue over and under my eyes. I used Light Blue by Mehron Paradise.

Step 2: Add Green

Next, I blended in a bright green (Light Green by Mehron Paradise) into the light blue.

Step 3: Darkened Features

Then, I darkened a few areas with Chaos and Gonzo both from Urban Decay Electric Shadows.

Step 4: Add White Details

Then, I dived into my White and began to create swirls and droplets as some of the details for this mask.

Step 5: Add More White Details

I continued from there to add more details with white, including droplets in the center of the forehead and dots along the bottom of the eyes.

Step 6: Final Touches

For the final touches, I used a darker purple face paint to outline the mask, and to color in the lips, with a bit of Savage and Jilted from Urban Decay Electric Shadows. I also used Urban also from Urban Decay Electric Shadows to add some depth to the white detailing. I also added a small silver rhinestone to the center of the forehead beneath the droplet shapes.

Step 7: Add a Wig

Finally, I finished off the look with a blonde wig!

Step 8: Done!

I actually wanted to do my own photo shoot with my quilt as the ocean and some seashells that I bought one time from the Dollar Store to make like how a mermaid would take a selfie while lying down in the ocean! With pops of green, blue, and purple, there's no way that this mystical mermaid can go wrong, especially while pretending to be "under the sea" with the fishes!

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