Easy Hanger for DVD Player or Decoder 0 Cost.

Introduction: Easy Hanger for DVD Player or Decoder 0 Cost.

This new instructable describes the construction of a useful support for suspend and staring at my DVD player next to TV suspended in my kitchen. obviously the system is valid for any other equipment that you want alongside the TV.

Step 1: And Let's Go

First I built a dima test that allowed me to verify the right steps before building the actual piece.
Of course the measures which I have made are based on components in my possession. The piece will be adapted to the components you have

Step 2: Step 2

At this stage I transferred the silhouette in a piece of spruce wood (it was a piece of scrap) and...

Step 3: Cut, Smoothed and Perforated

I cut with a jigsaw and I sanded it all with sandpaper measure 60 or 80.
After that I drilled both media for passing the straps fixing bracket. In my case it's a hole 5 mm

Step 4: The Painting

After that I have been painting of an excellent black mat that fits with the color of the existing bracket.

Step 5:

without other wait I fixed the supports to the arm with the straps

Step 6:

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