N64 LED 5v Power Source & Front Emblem Removal

Introduction: N64 LED 5v Power Source & Front Emblem Removal

This is just me showing where I got the power for my strip of LEDs at the back of the board and how I got my front emblem to glow. There are many other better detailed tutorials out there but I just wanted to make one and show it off:)

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Step 1: We'll Assume You Can Disassemble Your N64

I highly recommend buying the game bit sockets. Got mine off eBay for like 5 bucks! Makes life so much easier. Need that and dremmel and soldering crap

Step 2: The Board

On the back of the board it's clearly marked 5v and G! Motherboard soldering requires a steady hand these points are really close to others so be careful!

Step 3: The Emblem

You'll want To get that dremmel and kill the hole behind it leaving just enough space to put it back on but so light will shine right through from the LED you'll mount right behind it. The emblem can be a pain. I had 2 consoles and was only able to pop one off with ease from the backside with a tiny screw driver. A heat gun or hair drier might work if it won't come off, don't force it you don't want to crack it!
When you get the emblem off peel the gunky glue off the back this will really make your emblem glow allowing maximum light to shine through!
Edit: doing another and took a pic of how the opening should look:) This one I had to use a hair drier but it eventually came off fine...don't get in a hurry

Step 4: Fin

Making an instructable was an afterthought so sorry it's not more detailed but I hope it helps

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    What kind of glue did you use to glue it back? The glue I used bled through :(


    3 years ago

    Nice work, a little bit of background info on basic electrical theory and the sand/paint process for the newbz wouldn't hurt. So are you still modding consoles, anything new? How well does any of your work sell?


    5 years ago

    Sorry I don't get notifications on comments, I've done maybe a dozen of these now never an issue like that. All I can guess is something got shorted, feel bad.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    hey, when I tried this I lost signal to my tv. The LEDs get power and all but I get no video or audio threw my tv. I tried it with two n64's and now they are both garbage unless you know how to fix it...any help?