NBA Pillow Cover

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In this project I'm going to show you how to make a pillowcase with the cover of an old inflatable NBA ball that I found in the trash.


  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • ruler
  • glue (optional)

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Step 1: Remove the Cover

The first thing i did was to remove the cover of the pricked ball, it was quite easy since it had a zipper.

Step 2: Unfolding

After passing it through the washing machine, also take advantage of the occasion to wash the small pillow. (gift from an airline) and then use the scissors to cut and unfold the cover.

Step 3: Patches & Sewing

Finally, it was only to measure the cover and give it a few stitches with the sewing machine!

Step 4: Pillow Cover!

This is the result! With a little ability I could make the little pillow more beautiful, I hope you liked it!
and thanks for your vote!

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