NDS Game Holder

Introduction: NDS Game Holder

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Step 1: Materials-

NDS game


Step 2: Setup

Grab your paper and fold it in half
And cut/rip along the line

Fold your paper in half again but this time do not rip/it it

Step 3: Building It

Put your ds card onto the right side of the paper
Fold the paper onto the ds card
Fold the bottom and top flap onto the ds card
Tape it down
Grab a piece of tape and roll it up
Tape it on to the top of the first one
Fold the right flap down onto the rolled up piece of tape
Grab your scissors and cut the flap

Step 4: Labeling It

Now flip it over and grab your pen and label the game
For ex: I used Mario vs donkey kong mini land mayhem so I will grab my pen and label it

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