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About: HI, I am a Mechatronics engineer, currently doing Masters in Robotics engineering...But most of all I am a MAKER.

NEKI is a Nerd Keyring. It has qr-code on it which contains information about you, like your image, phone number, email ID. In case you lost your key then the one who found it can contact you and return you the key.

Sure you can also just write your number on your key ring but it will be totally uncool, specially if are a Maker or Tech guy/girl. And I am sure nobody wants to be uncool.

It's my first instructable out of technology zone.

So lets start making this super cool key ring and become awesome ;-)

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Step 1: Tools and Items You Need


  1. A piece of wood(thin one as shown above)
  2. A paper
  3. A key chain (preferably old one)
  4. A computer


  1. Drill machine
  2. A filer
  3. Glue
  4. Transparent cello-tape
  5. Hacksaw
  6. Laser printer

Step 2: Prepare the Wood

This step requires physical task and need some sharp tools, so if you are a kid or not comfortable with this tools then take help of elders.

  • With the help of hacksaw cut a small piece of wood.
  • With the help of filer smooth the surface of the wood.
  • With the help of drill machine make a small hole at one corner of the wood.

Step 3: Generate the Qr-code

  1. To generate the qr-code go to this website -
  2. Make a free trial account.
  3. Here you will have multiple options under two categories, static and dynamic.
  4. I chose vCard because it has many options inside. You can choose anything depending upon your need, Then click Next.
  5. Now you upload your image, choose color, and fill other information like your email ID. You can also provide link to your social networking account like facebook, linkdin, youtube etc. then click Next.
  6. Now you can select different templates and logos. I selected the default template and for logo I chose the vCard logo (5th one) and click Done.
  7. In the next page you can download your qr-code and also check statistics like how many people scanned your qr-code worldwide.

Refer images for better understanding.

Step 4: Integrating Raw Materials

  • Take print out of your qr-code. And must check that the size of your print out should match the size of the wood piece.
  • Cut the print out accordingly and paste it on the wood piece firmly with the help of glue.
  • Cut out any access paper from the side of the wood.
  • To protect the paper either laminate the wood or apply transparent cello-tape (wide one) on it.
  • Now connect key chain and your Super Cool Key Ring, NEKI is ready.

Now scan your key chain and impress your friends and girlfriend ;-).

Happy Making:-)

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    3 years ago

    This is so cool. I've got to make one for myself and some of my nerdy friends will be getting them for Christmas. Instead of a plain piece of wood, you could use a counter top laminate sample. It's a good size, has a design on the back, and you can get them for free from your local hardware store if you ask nicely. Sometimes they even have a hole if they kept the samples on a big ring. I got a whole ring full of samples (probably over 100) once from a local store. They were all discontinued patterns. I made a ton of crafts with them.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks lynnekz. Sure you should experiment with the shape, size and look of NEKI, there is no limitation for creativity :-).


    3 years ago

    Awesome man...I m planning to make one for

    1 reply