NERF Alpha Trooper CS-12 "Breach 'n Clear" Mod




Well hello there! it seems that I have forgotten about my account for about a year, I apologize about that but I have been busy and had forgotten completely about this app all together. So here it is, my NERF Alpha Trooper CS -12 "Breach 'n Clear" Mod.

Step 1: Overview/Supplies

For this mod I am modifying the Alpha Trooper CS -12 too look as if you were a (Dun dun duuun) TATICAL DOOR BREACHER (F!*K YEAHHHHHH). I am making a clean slate except for the mad I did previously with this weapon (the auto mag system), I also include a grip from a mini - telescope, a flashlight, a NERF sight is not required but can add a badass look, and the stock from the NERF Stockade.

For this project, you will need the items for the gun but speaking of items needed to combine these components are as followed: Duck tape &/or Hot glue, string, scissors, etc you need if you are making the mod with other parts like an official NERF grip attachment.

Step 2: Flashlight and Grip

for this part I took apart a mini-telescope handle and used it on the "bridge" of the pump (you might want to tie the string there first, although I did not use string here), the handle seemed at first to stay but I did not trust it so I duck taped it like nobody's business as did I with the flashlight. (I also added a tie at the bottom for visual affect because it lookdthe secondary shotgun in battlefield 4)

Step 3: Tips and Test

You might want to abuse the system and us e the Alpha Trooper's "automatic" feature by holding down the trigger and pumping the pump it will fire with a match trigger affect. o also found that the no stock to make a noice sawed - off affect

Step 4: Extra (ammo, Future Instructables, Ideas, Etc)

I thought of this as a 10 second idea bby making a "2 round bullet" or a sluf round by taking 2 bullets and cutting hem both in half evenly and taping them tightly together and tieing string around them both so they can fit in a barrel.

I have multiple ideas of nlNERF mod tutorials like a barrel extension on the NERF Maverick, and flaming bullets, fletche rounds, HE rounds made of safe materials.

I hade some loadout ideas like primary and secondary weapons to take into combat.

I also have ideas for ideas of weapons you would see in games like in Fallout 4, Black ops 3, rainbow 6, etc.

Let me know of any ideas and vote if I should do any of the things I mentioned here, if you spot any flaws or ways to improve the weapon please leave it in the comments for others and me so we can all enjoy this mod.

And please support me by following me and liking these tutorials, thank you and enjoy!



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