NERF FluffPuff Marshmallow Launcher

Introduction: NERF FluffPuff Marshmallow Launcher

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Everybody likes NERF, everybody likes a good marshmallow shooter, and everybody likes a good paint job. This tutorial includes all of these, except for a good paint job. :-) This NERF modification is very simple and easy. I hope you enjoy this Instructable!

Note: This NERF modification can also be used as a dog treat launcher if your dog loves marshmallows. Do not feed your dog a lot of marshmallows, as marshmallows are not particularly good for your dog. You can read about it here.

Step 1: What You'll Need

  1. A NERF Secret Strike (This mod can be done with other NERF guns)
  2. A Drill with A Small Drill Bit
  3. A Piece of Sandpaper (optional)
  4. At Least Two Colors of Paint (optional)
  5. A Paint Brush (optional)

Step 2: Removing the Air Restrictor

Drill out the NERF gun's air restrictor with your drill. Make sure you don't drill to deep, because you don't want to damage any of the important internals. If you aren't going to paint your NERF gun, then you are done, but I highly recommend painting it. After all, what kind of story would you have if you just told someone that all you did was remove the air restrictor? :-)

Note: Skip to the last step for firing instructions.

Step 3: Filing Off the S.S. AS-1

File the "S.S. AS-1" off of the side of your NERF gun. By the time you're done, it should be fairly flat and smooth.

Step 4: Taking Apart the Toy

Take apart your NERF Secret Strike by removing all four screws and popping off the outer casing. Press the two parts of the outer casing back together, without the firing mechanism between, and replace the screws. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, it is to keep you from losing the screws, and, second, it is to hold the casing together when you paint it.

Step 5: Painting Your Nerf Gun

This step is sort of a no-brainer. I will not provide instructions for this step because everyone will do it differently anyway. You can see my basic design by looking at the pictures above. Remember, with a name like "FluffPuff" you need to paint accordingly. :-)

Step 6: Reassembly

Once you're done painting, you should reassemble your NERF gun. Replace all 4 screws, and tighten them.

To shoot your newly modified NERF/Marshmallow gun, simply place a mini-marshmallow in the barrel, pump the launcher 8-10 times, and push the firing pin down. This launcher shoots the marshmallow about as far as it shot a NERF bullet.

Thanks for reading my tutorial, and I hope you'll read some of my others! Also, please comment and tell the Instructables community what you think should be done to make it better. Thanks again!

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