NES Arcade

I saw someone built a Nintendo arcade on here, so I wanted to try and build my own, but with an old laptop so this is how i did it

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Step 1:

First I made the outside of the Arcade, with some foam billboard i got at michaels, 2 for 3 dollars !!!

I measured what i wanted for the walls and cut them out, then I took pieces of wood and connected them to the side with a staple gun to make the cabinet nice and steady.

Step 2:

Next I painted it black, and made the control board. I covered it in plexi glass and also used the glass for the top sign and screen.

Step 3:

I then made the joy stick out of a ping pong ball and pen

The buttons I ordered and trimmed down

I also installed a fan because the laptop I was using always over heated,

I put a light and speakers in the top, and used a Nintendo sticker for the sign

Step 4:

Have that I put in the computer, configued the keyboard with the buttons and the emulator, and attached the glass and control board. looks pretty nice to me and goes good in my  bar

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What would look indefinitely better (although it requires a little more money and manual labor) would be to grab a USB to NES adapter and use a NES arcade stick (like this ) and rest it on top of the keyboard and go from there...

    Other than that, this is a great concept! There should be more mini MAME machines like this...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It's the D pad from on old ps controller glued to keys for up down left right, then I attached a pen to it , so when I push the stick up the d pad presses the key that the up arrow on the d pad is glued to, the tape is there for support and to keep everything together while the glue dried