NES Controller IPhone/iPod Dock

Intro: NES Controller IPhone/iPod Dock

I will now be showing you my Nintendo Controller Dock.

Step 1: Open It Up

First you want to open it up. You will need a pretty small screwdriver.

Step 2: Cut the Wires

It should look like Picture 1 when you open it up. Cut ALL of the wires and take the cord out. It should the look like Picture 3.

Step 3: Cut Out an Area for the Cord

Now you need to cut the top area of the circuit board so the charger can get get through. You will need to cut a bit more than what I cut, almost down to the box-ish thing in the middle.

Step 4: Here's All the Pieces

Step 5: Cut This Off

Now we have to cut this off. This is hard. I suggest putting an Exacto-Knife into the hole, and continuously twisting it around until the nub is no more.

Step 6: Extend

Now, extend the hole until it is big enough to fit the charger through.

Step 7: Finish

Put it all back together and now you have an iPhone charging dock! Please vote for me on Game.Life 3 and the Up! contest!



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