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Introduction: NES MP3 Player

This is a simple 20 minute project on how to build a cool looking MP3 player from an NES Controller for about $20. All of my friends who saw it want to know how soon I can make one for them.

Step 1: Supplies

You need an old NES controller. You can probably pick one up cheap online. I already had a few lying around. Then you need a small MP3 player. I used a Coby that I bought for about $20 because I didn't want to take a chance on ruining my good one. You will also need a screw driver, a Dremel Tool or some type of hobby plastic cutting tool and glue.

Step 2: Cutting the Controller

This is probably the hardest part of the entire project (and it's not really that hard). Unscrew the controller cover and remove the guts but leave the buttons. Place the MP3 player in the area of the controller case where you would like it. Make sure USB end is sticking out. Cut out all of the plastic pieces that are in the way and try to make the MP3 player sit flat within the controller case.

Step 3: Cutting the Case

Once the MP3 player is placed flat in the case use a marker to trace the outline of where the buttons and the USB connector will stick out of the controller case. Then cut the area you traced out and place the MP3 player to make sure it fits. Only cut as much as you need. If you cut too much you can't put it back. If the MP3 player is too thick to fit inside the controller case you might need to cut a hole in the back casing to allow for the thickness (as I did). Again, cut only what you need. You don't want the MP3 player to fall out through the hole you cut.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Next, make sure the controller buttons are in the right places. Then, glue them in. I recommend some sort of model cement. Finally, after the glue dries, place the MP3 player into the controller case and screw the back on.

Step 5: Finished

All you need to do now is load on your music and wow your friends as you listen to your tunes on your new, cool, NES Controller MP3 Player.



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    26 Discussions

    You should sell these! That is a great idea!

    P.S. did you know that when you say "mp3 player" you are saying music player 3 player. Weird right?

    possibly the coolest thing anyone has ever done on the internet...well done 5*

    I'm scratching my head as to why this isn't more popular. Can't find anyone on ebay making these and selling them.

    great idea, I would recommend that you redo this project men with the above advice.

    I was just thinking the same as computerwiz in the fact of how cool ot would be to have the buttons working on the controller. Would it be possible to use the original switches from the controller? Perhaps add an LED and jack socket where original wire came out for heaphones. Maybe even a USB sockect on one side! I might work on it! Great idea - I like it. Although I don't have a NES I have a SNES - that still works might I add (lol it had a 6 month warranty and it works after 6 years now!) Have a look at pic - what you all think? I was thinking a large (1F) capacitor inside for an LED torch thing, that could charge from USB. If your MP3 player has a screen maybe you could put that on. I would would keep mine retro with just the button labels perhaps :) I know this has already been suggested kinda but here's a pic attatched (click to see big)

    nes controller annotations2.jpg
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    should so not have massacred the back of the controller. connecting the buttons from the mp3 player to the controller would have been much nicer aesthetically


    11 years ago

    Cool idea, but this project has so much more potential! reroute the controls to the controller buttons! reroute the minijack!

    1 reply

    ya, and use something that can charge and connect to the computer through the jack so you don't need a usb plug on the side

    I made an NES controller MP3 player which is charged by the headphone jack, and from the outside it looks like an NES controller minus the cord, find a slimmer + smaller battery + mp3 player and you could sell these on etsy.

    this is a nice idea and it would be awesome if made with a little more craftsmanship. You should consider putting more effort into this as it could be cool if the buttons on the controller actually worked... and the connector for the headphones took up the hole for the old cable.

    good one. but you could have gotten away with removing the casing from the mp3 player and kept the remote intact. maybe even move the buttons so the actual nes buttons did the skipping and stuff. great idea though!

    i have one of those (but with a screen) just take the cap off the usb thing then squeeze the sides of the mp3 player together until the case it off then for the battery with no cutting take a battery holder and solder the wires to where the battery usually goes then but the battery in the holder, less cutting of the controller (like the back and stuff)

    this is awsome im gunna do it with my ipod shuffle because it is thiner; people that is great that you have other ideas but cut the guy some slack i dont see you makeing a instructable

    It's a nice start, but this would be much cooler if you popped the MP3 player open and wired the buttons up to the controller buttons, especially if it had an LCD that you could have sticking out of it so you could actually tell what you were listening to without having to listen to it. It really wouldn't require that much more work.

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    Other people probely get all pro at it and take apart the mp3 so it could fit properly in it but this is an easy and cool project.

    Route the usb to a female USB jack and mount it on the side of the case. Then use a male 2 male USB cord to connect it to the computer. It adds an extra cable in order to use it - but it is much cleaner on the thing that will be in your pocket. Also it fixes the problem of hoping there is room for your giant MP3 player dangling out the back or front of your computer (it wouldnt fit in mine). And definitly route the buttons - that wouldnt be hard. up and down are volume - left and right are track skipping, the rest can be play or pause, etc.