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Introduction: NES Controller USB Flash Drive

this is the easiest way to turn a vintage NES controller into a simple flash drive on a budget AND you can save the original parts if you ever want to return it back to its original working condition.

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Step 1: Gather Your Parts

the first step is to gather the parts you will need.
Nes Controller ($5)
usb extension cord ($4)
usb flash drive ($10)
1/4" or 1/2" piece of foam

Step 2: Remove the Back

remove screws from the back of the controller. a simple jewelers phillips should do the trick. be careful not to strip them out or lose them!

Step 3: Remove Hardware

carefully remove the cord and circuit board. if you save them, you can always replace it back to original working condition some day. I didn't have the heart to cut out a section for the flash drive so I will use foam instead.

Step 4: Get Some Foam

you can find foam like this just about anywhere and it cuts easily with scissors. I left it about 1/2" thick so it kept plenty of pressure on the back side of the buttons since I like the feel of operational buttons. I also only cut enough to cover the buttons so there is plenty of room along the top for the flash drive.

Step 5: Insert the Flash

next I inserted the flash drive into the usb extension cord and placed them along the top of the controller. I also routed the cord the same as the original so its tug-proof.

Step 6: Place the Foam/Install the Back

place the foam over the buttons and reinstall the back.

Step 7: Test the USB Controller

all done! now plug it into the pc to make sure it works properly and enjoy your new nostalgic flash drive!

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    6 years ago

    why die you remove the hardware? I've made this Sith a USB hub inside and soldered the wires on the PCB of the controller and the PCB of the USB stick. Now I use the interval stick for the Nes roms!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't have the heart to truly modify the original parts since this is a gift... i'm going to give the original hardware along with it so they can reassemble it if they would prefer. And not to mention it was a simple task! But I'd like to try your method someday as well, sounds like a cool idea

    Fun! I really need to get ahold of a bunch of NES controllers and go crazy! I love all the projects people do with them :)