NEW & Improved K'nex Mini Bow





Introduction: NEW & Improved K'nex Mini Bow

This k'nex mini bow is STRONGER, FASTER, and is more ACCURATE than my original k'nex mini bow. It can shoot though cardboard and is really easy to use. Using only 1 rubberband can be almost just as powerful as using 2. So you can see, it is pretty powerful.

Step 1: Collect the Peices

1-2 rubber bands
2 gray spacers
2 small green rods
6 gray connectors
6 black rod/connectors
2 yellow connectors
4 white connectors
4 orange connectors
8 green connectors
2 red rods
8 yellow rods
7 blue rods
6 white rods
1 gray rod (used as the arrow)

Step 2: BUILD

Use 8 green connectors, 4 white rods, and 2 blue rods.

Step 3: BUILD

Use 4 white connectors, 4 blue rods, 2 green rods, 2 black rod/connectors, and 2 gray connectors.

Step 4: BUILD

Use 2 orange connectors, 4 black rod/connectors, and 2 gray connectors.

Step 5: BUILD

Use 2 yellow rods and 2 gray connectors.

Step 6: BUILD

Use 2 yellow rods and 2 yellow connectors.

Step 7: BUILD

Use 2 orange connectors and 1 blue rod.


Push 2 gray spacers though your rubberband(s). This step is optional.


Use 2 yellow rods and 2 red rods to put your rubberbands onto your bow.

Step 10: BUILD and FINISH

Use 2 yellow rods to finish.



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    73 Discussions

    where the elastic bands are can i put two wheels? to make it look like a compound bow? thanks

    1 reply

    Very nice design! really i shapred the edge of my ammo and it shot through 2 peices of cardboard! very fast, powerful bow :D i made some mods to the handle though more stronger :D

    1 reply

    it shoots pretty far. the arrow travels straight for about 5 meters and then lands about 1-3 meters away. it's total distance is 6-8 meters. if you're lucky, it can shoot farther

    i like your design id like to make a mod

    its REALLY hard to get the rest of the blue peices in!

    according to dj radio this is terrible. he said on my bow and arrow that pure power doesn't cut it.

    2 replies

    great mini bow i gave it a 4.5 because the handle is a bit uncomfortable but other than that it is great!