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Introduction: NG V1 K'nex Gun

About: I do K'nex...a lot. It's fun to mess around with new mechanisms, and to learn about basic engineering. I build mostly guns, and love to build new concepts. I will start posting some of my 'unposted ideas' in...

This is it. My biggest, most amazing gun so far, in my opinion. This gun weighs about 4 pounds, and fires a bullet that's almost as big as a K'nex motor. This is the Next Generation K'nex Gun, Version One. I say that it is next generation, because this gun runs off of a whole new ram-'rod' system. Instead of running off of a rod with rubber-bands, this gun runs off of a line of connectors for more power, and larger ammo. If you still want to use small ammo, go ahead, you'll get great range.

This gun has an average range of about 30 feet, which, considering the ammo, is a good range. It has a two round, non removable magazine, and a flap to close it up if you prefer to muzzle-load it.

This gun is so powerful, and looks like it came right out of a war movie. When you shoot it, it actually kicks forward a little bit because of the power held within it. Trust me, this isn't a gun to mess with.

Overall, I think this is the most intimidating gun I've built, and it is close to being the biggest, right behind my Gladiator. I'm thinking of making this into a whole series of K'nex guns, all of them with the same concept of larger rams and ammo. That's about it, so here are some Pro's and Con's



Good weight, about 4 pounds.

Very Sturdy. I can hold it by the stock, and it doesn't bend.

Good Range for ammo of this size.

Looks Amazing

Could open a whole new world of different K'nex guns, with new mechanisms and brutal power.

Holds extra ammo on the side of the gun.

Hasn't jammed for me yet.

Did I mention how Awesome it looks?


Uses broken pieces on the ram and the ammo, (however, in V2, it won't have any broken pieces, except for maybe the ammo.

Eats rubber-bands, (not very quickly though.)

Handle can be uncomfortable, depending on how you hold it.


Well, that's it for this gun! Tell me what you think about it, and give me some suggestions for what you want to see in the V2, (what kind of gun it should be, improvements I could make, etc.). Also check out some of my other builds!



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    Hmm....I don't know. I build concept guns, not replicas, but I think it would be neat for you to build a Kriss Vector.

    Not a bad idea actually....I'll try that! Thanks for the idea!

    Eh that's ok....I still think it's cool, and I'm thinking of modding it into a grenade launcher.

    Thanks! I was never aware that you tried this, but I still kinda think this is new. I'm glad that you like it, and I'll try that spring idea, as soon as a get a spring that is the right size for the job.


    3 years ago

    The larger ram rod isn't as efficient though, I believe.

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    Well, you actually can, because, the connectors can take more power without bending, so the weight of the ramrod is equalized by the amount of force that can be put onto it. I haven't found the maximum amount of rubber-bands you can put on it yet, so I'm sure it is just as efficient. Thanks for your feedback! Any other questions?

    First off let me say EPIC I think you can go pretty far with this but I'm with Jonny this would be much more efficient if you used yellow rods and achieve some ranges with Rams knex has never seen. Great job can't weight to see v2!

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    Alright, another very interesting concept we got going on here. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

    Ammo upgrade, a little like what nerf did introducing its mega line. I'm assuming you're banking on a heavier projectile for increased range?

    Also along the lines of your ammo upgrade I see you have increased the size of your ramrod. This might not be helping your range because the increased mass of the ramrod may cause it to accelerate slower. Although from what I understand about physics it does boil down to inertia and that transfer of kinetic energy, so using a standard gray rod ramrod is probably worse than the larger ramrod your using so yeah.... not sure how that works out. I will say that heavier and larger ram rod is also why you feel the kick of this gun. More mass moving and some transfering to the body of the gun causing it to stop.

    Thirdly, I can see this wasn't exactly an aim at aesthetics (in my opinion but heck I'm an odd designer when it comes to appearance anyway), but what the heck is going on in the front of this gun? It looks like you got a whole seperate system up there.

    Anyway overall, I my random thoughts of this gun I think you've scrapped a good idea here. I'm visualizing a grenade launcher and assault rifle meshed into one. Something along the idea of throwing a magazine of grenades in the gun or switch to yellow rods. So great job on the concept! I'll be waiting to see how V2 turns out and I may have to give this idea a shot myself.

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    Thanks!....The bigger ammo wasn't meant for more ammo, but it was more meant for more power, (I just didn't take the time to convert it to rod ammo.). The increased size of the ram was meant to take more power and larger pin pull, which would in turn create more power, (and yeah I knew the large ramrod would cause the kick, :/). In the original body of the gun, this was going to have a turret. What you see in the front of the gun is what would've attached the turret, and when I decided to quit the magazine, I kept it because it looked neat. I was thinking of turning into this gun into a yellow rod shotgun. Thanks for your thoughts on it!