I decided to make an halloween skull using sandpainting on black paper. It’s my first sandpainting on paper and one of the first in general so I’m moderately satisfied with the result. Sandpainting is usually performed on glass or other immobile surface but in the info it is stated that we must start on a “blank page”, since I feared that glass may not qualifies I decided to try on paper.

Step 1: Tools

You will need decorative sand and a black sheet of paper. Decorative sand can be found in almost every color (I choosed white) in any fine arts shop. I also folded a small piece of paper to help lay the sand slowly and in a controlled fashion.

Step 2: Boundary

It's important to produce a good boundary, filling it it's easy; also, since you are at the beginning, if you do something wrong it's easy to  start over.

Step 3:

use a small folded piece of paper to refine the boundary and mark the edges. 

Step 4: Refining the Boundary

complete the boundary and refine it as you procede if you see that the result is not satisfying

Step 5: Filling

fill the boundary of the skull leaving some space for the holes that will become the other eye and the nose

Step 6: Refining Nose and Eyes

use the folded paper or another tool to refine the nose and the eyes

Step 7: The Teeth

make the teeth with the help of the folded paper or other tool

Step 8: Finishing

drop some sand on the entire sheet. Then you can add some other features like a fire in the mouth and some waves around it 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is fantastic! I love the temporary aspect of it as well.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks, too bad it didn't qualify for the contest!
    will do better next time