NYC Landscape Design - Park Ave Roof Garden

Introduction: NYC Landscape Design - Park Ave Roof Garden

About: I'm a home and garden designer in NYC specializing in roof gardens, rooftop terraces, backyards, and interior design projects.

This Park Avenue roof garden features a built-in fireplace, inset jacuzzi, bluestone patio, custom-built wood planters and fencing, a kitchen with blue tile backsplash, and blue ceramic pots filled with boxwoods and flowers.  All of the plants are watered via drip irrigation lines that run discreetly up the backs of the planters.  Tapered ceramic pots like these tend to be top-heavy, so we put 70 pounds of pond stones in the base to keep them from tipping over.  River birches do well in containers, as long as the pots are at least 2-3' tall and wide and they are given plenty of water.  The blue ceramics and tile backsplash bring a touch of the Mediterranean to this rooftop terrace in the heart of New York City.  Read more about our NYC roof garden projects on my blog,

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