NYPA's Turrent Pistol.




Introduction: NYPA's Turrent Pistol.

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I made this a while back, like 2-3 weeks ago, and had it for a long time before i posted it.
I'm NEVER going to post it because i only took these pictures so i could take it apart and build another gun ( KILLERK's pistol. WOOHOO!). So, enjoy!
BR8 like revolving mech
True trigger
60-70 ft range with Oodammo
8 shots
Awesome quality pictures due to no flash on camera!
knex mad- handle attachment



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    I know this is old, but why has it got a stock?

    LOL, just realized that you spelled 'spelled' wrong. Teehee.

    "Spelt" is a word in the English dictionary. It is just an alternative to "Spelled." Spelt is probably in the American dialect too. HAHA!

    This just proves that sidearms can be VERy powerful. And why is there a bipod?

    stop asking for instructions!!! build it from the photos, its easy and takes 15 minutes....