Introduction: Na Na Na Na ... NA BATCLOCK

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Maker Video of my Batman Clock design inspired by the cover art of comic book Artist, Greg Capullo. The project mashes traditional wood burning techniques with 3D Printing.

Step 1: Instruction Video

Step 2: Parts List

  • 9x12 Wood Painting Panel/Canvas. (I used the kind with a wooden frame in back to hide clock motor)
  • Clock Motor & Hands. (Hack an old clock or buy a new one at a hobby store)
  • Wood Burner and Pens. (I use RazorTip Burner and a writting tip & skew)
  • Acrylic Craft Paint and Brushes (Yellow, white and black)
  • TinkerCad account. (
  • Access to 3D Printer. (My local library has a Maker Space with accessible 3D Printer)
  • Black Filament.
  • Transfer Paper.
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Epoxy. (I used wood glue but joing wood and plastic would be better with Epoxy)

Remember - Safety First. Understand and practice safe use of the tools and materials.

Step 3: Build

Please feel free to download, use or modify my design. I apologize for the quality of the image as my scanner was not big enough so I used a camera.

I modified a Batman Logo found on Thingiverse:

My 3D Printed Clock Parts can be downloaded from here:

Variations on the design:

  • Paint the cityscape and clouds with black paint instead of wood burning.
  • Cut out the cityscape with a scroll saw from 1/8" ply/MDF. It would give a interesting 3D effect.

I have other clock ideas for future projects. Please follow my Instructables and I will post once completed.

My Blog covers the current projects on my workbench:

And my youtube channel has other Maker Videos.:

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