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Introduction: Nacho Balls

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Nacho's are great. But they wouldn't be good to serve at a party, because it would be messy (and difficult to serve multiple people at once). That's why I made these Nacho Balls. They taste like nachos, but they are in a little bite-sized ball that's fun to eat! They are the perfect appetizer (or snack)! Here's how to make your own.

- Ground Beef and Packet of Taco Seasoning
- Choice of Cheese, as long as it melts well (I used velveeta)
- Choice of Tortilla Chips
- Ziplock Bag
- Large Bowl
- Glass Bowl (small)
- Plates (2)
- Meat Cleaver
- Tooth Picks
- Frying Pan

1.) Prepare your meat. I combined a packet of taco meat seasoning to the ground beef to prepare it. Then, make little balls with the meat and fry them on a frying pan until they are dark brown on all the sides. Make sure to occasionally flip them as they are cooking.
2.) As the meat is cooking, grab a bunch of tortilla chips and put them in a zip-lock bag. Then, take a meat cleaver and smash the chips a lot so that there are only little crumbs left. Empty the crumbs on a plate.
3.) Once the meat is almost done cooking, put some cheese in a bowl and microwave it until melted. Then, quickly grab a tooth pick, skewer a meat ball, dip it in the melted cheese, roll it in the chip crumbs, and then put it on an empty plate or tray. Continue doing this (you will have to reheat the cheese occasionally).




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