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Have you ever wondered when Nachos were invented and by whom?  Ignacio Nacho Anaya from Pietra's Negras, Mexico invented them in 1943 while working at the Victory Club restaurant in Piedras, Mexico.  It is a Mexican town that is just across the Texas border.  Some military wives stopped in to eat  at the Victory Club and Ignacio threw together what ingredients he had on hand and the Nacho was born!.  Every year they have the Nacho competition in Piedras Negras.  Here is the very interesting article:

I love corn bread and I also love Doritos! I thought I would combine the two and see what happens. I will be sharing how to make Nacho pops.  I am writing a cookbook for my kids so they will have a copy of all my favorite family recipes that have been passed down.  I am modifying a family favorite corn bread recipe to make Nacho cheese pops.  The results were so good I want to add it to my faves.

This recipe was made from our families favorite corn bread recipe. I substituted the Doritos for the cornmeal in our cornbread recipe and changed the cooking method. 

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Step 1: Ingredients

1 Cup mashed Doritos (The original recipe has 1 cup of white corn meal but everything else is the same, except the method.)
2 C Flour reserve one cup for forming the ball (You may need more flour for forming the balls)
¼ C Sugar
2 t Baking Powder
1 t Baking Soda
2 C Buttermilk
2 Eggs
Dash of sea salt  you can omit if you like.
Oil for frying the pops.

Please note: You may substitute plain milk with 1 tbs of vinegar added instead of buttermilk, but it greatly impacts texture and taste. This recipe is my cornbread recipe that I changed:  I exchanged the cornmeal with the Doritos.

Step 2: Supplies

You will need:
Mixing bowls
Oven dish
Mixing spoon
Liquid measuring cup
Dry measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Plastic zip lock bag
Frying pan

Step 3: Mix

Mix the dry ingredients.
Then stir in buttermilk and egg (reserving 1 cup of the flour for forming the balls.)
Mix well.

Place 1 cup of flour in a small bowl and slowly add the cornbread mixture until you have a nice round ball. I only made a couple of pops because of multiple projects, so you might need to add more flour. After the mixture is not sticky and can be formed into balls make the small round balls.

Step 4: Fry

I used a regular quart pan for frying and added the oil.
Got it hot and dropped the balls into the hot oil until nice and brown.
Removed  them and allow them to cool down.

Step 5: Skewers

Then I inserted the skewers.

Step 6: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

They had a fantastic texture! The flavor was on the mild side to dip them into a sauce. I think these would taste wonderful dipped into a cheese sauce! You could add peppers to the batter to spice them up.  It is a great way to use up the end of a nacho bag because the pieces are usually small by then anyway.

In closing I would like to thank our instructables company, sponsors, authors, readers, and members; for making this community a great success! Many hours and hard work has been put into making this place the best DIY on the Internet. Have fun and thanks for stopping by!
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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, I didn't mean for that to come across as sarcastic, I meant it as in "Oh my god I must try these and savor them down to the last dorito and homemade cornbread crumb". I'm sorry if that didn't come across, I guess I was just trying too hard to cutesily word it. I even Evernoted it and passed the link around to a few people.

    I didn't get to make them yet, but was tempted to dust my mac & cheese dish with Dorito bits instead of breadcrumbs that night.

    I'm eager to try just the homemade corn bread portion too

    Keep the cheese goodness coming!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I did not take your comment badly at all. I love your creative way of describing how you would like to try it. I was in a hurry when I replied to your comment. Thanks for passing on the link! Your welcome to visit my page anytime and please do continue to leave cutesily remarks. I wished I could think of some! Have a splendorous winter and do stop in again.



    6 years ago on Introduction

    How genius! I can't wait to try it; this would be great with chili.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What is doritos nacho cheese ? is it like cheese chips?
    i live in an asian country and would like this...please can i know a substitute?

    4 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! this looks like the pringles chips we have over here...yes....your picture really helps! :-)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Great! By the way any kind of spicy seasoned corn chip would work! If you post an instructable on it I would love to see the results! Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction daughter just saw the pictures and is insisting i make saving it to my favorites!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really NEED to try this! I LOVE nacho cheese. I have one of those cake pop pans. Do you think I could bake them in that instead? Just a random thought. Thanks for making my weight loss plan a little more difficult! JK, I love it! :P

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It has all the ingredients to make cornbread, so I am fairly sure it would work. 99% sure. Give it a try. Maybe just bake 2, if that don't work try a baking dish. I would bake it at the same temp and time as the cake pops. Thanks so much for commenting! Have a great day!