Nacho Libre Costume

Purchasing a costume for a fat guy is almost impossible. Youll either end up as a clergy member, prison inmate or a pirate. All the same stuff. Boring. I went through a bunch of ideas (Stay Puft, Grimace, Snuffelupagus) but this is the only one that stuck. NACHO LIBRE!

---The mask was store bought.
---The cape was as well but I added the gold accent on the back.
---The shirt was custom made of a fat guys chest at (People LOVED that shirt!) I figured it was better than showing MY fatness!
---The shorts were simple excersize shorts I cut to look like wrestling trunks.
---The blue tights were womens tights bought at the Body Shop.
---The boots were just red vinyl hot glued to my shoes and wrapped around my leg to look like boots.
---Shoestrings were glued as well.

Had a BLAST with the costume and the mask actually let me drink as the night went on!

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