Introduction: Nacho-pizza

Every meeting with friends needs some main course that will turn the party on! For our gang - next to retro games for NES - always most wanted is nachos, pizza and cheese. In every single possible form and combination. What's more delicious than cheese, more cheese and a mount of cheese with nachos?

That's how Nacho-pizza was invented!

Step 1: What Would You Need?

To prepare the best Nacho-pizza you will need:

* 2 packs of nachos (the best ones are just salted, because you will add different tastes like tomatoes and pepperoni, so if you thought about chilli nachos or cheese nachos I just dissuade - the taste will be lost)

* 3 packs of mozzarella (the best will be already grates)

* 1 tomato sauce

* 1 pack of salami pepperoni

* salt and pepper

Prepare oven for 200 Celsius degrees, set it for grill option.

Step 2: Let's Make It Like Pizza!

Pour the sauce into a bowl and add salt and pepper for taste.
Don't heat it, because other way it will soften nachos before grill!

Next add one pack of mozzarella to the sauce and stir it.

Step 3: Nacho-bottom

Open both packs of nachos and place all nachos on a baking tray tightly so that the bottom of our Nacho-pizza will be made.

Add sauce with cheese on the middle - remember to left free edges just like on pizza.

Put as many salami pepperoni as you like and finally spread two other packs of mozzarella.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Nacho-pizza!

Place the tray to oven till the cheese will melt and turn a little brown gold on top.

Enjoy every bite of Nacho-pizza and share this happiness with your friends!

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    3 years ago

    Thanks a lot guys! For better taste serve with chilled beverages ;)

    Muneer A
    Muneer A

    3 years ago

    not gonna lie looks really good

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This is GENIUS! I am definitely going to make this for my next party.