Naginata Diy

Introduction: Naginata Diy

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a samurai spear

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Step 1: Things Needed

1.pvc pipe no less 1/2 inch no bigger than 1inch
2.sheet metal
7.duct tape optional
8.sheet metal cutters
9.a marker
10.a vice

Step 2: Building

get the pipe and cut it about 6"from the top of ur head take ur saw and vice  put the pipe in the saw the from the edge cut the pipe in half 3"down make sure its straight now take ur sheet metal and ur maker and draw the shape of ur blad u want it make sure the blade is a foot long now with the drawn on meatl take sheet metal cutters and cut out the shape of it  

Step 3: Attaching the Blade to Pipe

OK get ur blade fit it to ur pipe cut to see how far down it goes or just measurer the 3'' from the bottom of the blade mark were u cant put the blade in farture if u dont use a ruler find the middle and take ur drill put a hole 1/4" from the top and bottom of the middle mark do the same with ur blade  fit the blade into the pipe to make sure the holes r all lined up now take 2 screws and swer them thought all 6 hole one screw to 3 hole in line after that if u have any extra cut it off the screws now take the duct tape and cover the screws with it now optainol add grip to the pipe anywhere 

Step 4: Done

sorry for the internet pics my phone wont allow me to upload the pics from it 

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