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Intro: Nail Art - Retro Squares

Here's a simple yet eye-catching nail art tutorial. enjoy!

Step 1: Polish Those Nails

Nail Polish Used:
- Salley Hansen - Blue Me Away!
- O.P.I - Por favor
- Charlotte Russe - (no color specified)
- Salley Hansen - Hard as Nails

I use salley hansen's hard as nails as base.
let dry
paint all nails pink except for ring finger
paint this last one with "Blue me away"
let dry

Step 2: Practice(if Needed)

While the nail polish is still drying you can practice your designs

Here i used a simple index card and basically sketched out what i want
on my nails.  you can go bold with fill in or leave it empty. Up to you.

Step 3: Let's Decorate!

Once polish is dry take
take a two-way nail art pen and create the squares/rectangles you practiced.

these pen/bottles have become very popular, though still on the expensive side.
i got this on Charlotte Russe's site a long time ago for 1.99(on sale) So just keep a lookout and you can get great finds.=]


Once squares have dried, apply sally hasen again.
clean up if needed
And you're done.
Use any color combo you want
either way you'll still get fab results.=D


excuse the index



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cool, at first glance I thought they were circuit boards drawn on which would also be pretty methinks.

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