Nail Polish Organizer

Introduction: Nail Polish Organizer

I was sick of my nail polish being unorganized in a bin. So I made a nail polish shelf.

I found a shelf at the thrift store for $4.00, bought a can of 90cent black spray paint and used scrap fabric to line the back of the shelf.

Step 1: Spray Painting Shelf

I used black spary paint on the shelf to match my black bathroom cabniets.

I usually spray paint in my garage. It's well ventilated and I don't worry about over spray. I laid newspaper over the bench and sparyed the shelf. (This is the longest part of the craft.)  Might take a few coats to cover the shelf.

Step 2: Staple Fabric to Shelf

Once the shelf was dry and well coated I laid my scrap fabric over the shelf and cut it to fit.  

Then, I stapled the fabric to the back of the shelf. I held the fabric taunt as I stapled. Starting at the top and working my way down oneside then the otherside and finished with the bottom. 

Step 3: Organizing Nail Polish

After hanging my shelf up, I added my nail polish by color. The shelf even had 2 peg hooks perfect for my daughters hair towel wraps.

Now when I need to paint my nails my nail polish is easily accessible and organized!

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    5 years ago

    Great inexpensive and totally custom made & unique. I'd ♡ to make this, but where to start; my polish collection is in the hundereds...I kid you not?!