Nail Puzzle




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fun puzzle made from two 4" nails .

Step 1: Collect Items Needed

collect the following items :
2 4inch framing nails
tools needed :
screwdriver, pliers, vice and blow torch.

(safety note : gloves and eye protection should be worn when using blow torch . also a fire extinguisher would be a good idea .)

Step 2: Apply Heat

holding nail in pliers, heat centre of nail to a nice cherry red .

Step 3: Bend It .

using both pliers bend nail around screwdriver mounted in vice. if needed reheat nail to get required bend ( see second photo )

Step 4: Repeat ..

follow last steps and make a second one . note that for puzzle to work both nails need be bent the same way.

Step 5: Tweaking.

for puzzle to work there needs a gap at the point where the nail cross . this gap needs to be slightly smaller then the diameter of the nail .

Step 6: Setting the Puzzle .

slide the points in to the loop .grab the nails by the points and rotate in the opposite direction. should .now should look like final photo .

Step 7: Enjoy .

test out this puzzle on your family and friends . this would make a great last minute gift for the puzzle lover in your life . hope you like my first instructable.
enjoy .



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    2 years ago

    Thats cool wish i had a blowtorch