Nail String Art Using Reclaimed Wood




Introduction: Nail String Art Using Reclaimed Wood

Project inspired by Mother's Day.


Wood Pallet


Light yarn / Floss

Printer and paper



Wood Glue



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Step 1: Glue Wooden Planks

With your wooden pallet, remove the wood and glue together a few of the planks. Using clamps, let the wood glue dry over night for highest quality.

After the glue has dried, I had a 12x35in wooden board. I cut it in half so I had two 12x17.5in pieces wooden boards to make two of these things. I sanded the front face of both to clean up the face I'd be working with. You don't have to do this and you'll have more of a distressed, rustic look.

Step 2: Printing Outline

After you have found a design online, print it out on normal paper and cut it out. Place on the wooden board to determine size ratio with board. Enlarge or minimize image depending on how you like it. The bigger the easier it is for nailing tight turns and making the curves look smoother. Once you have the right size and cutout, place tape under the paper image and center on the wooden plank.

Step 3: Nailing Outline

Begin nailing the outline of your image! I cut out my image so that I don't have to rip out the paper later, but some say it's easier to print it out and nail the outline into the paper and rip it out later. Up to you. Place more nails in tighter curves in order to have a nice smooth outline.

Step 4: Connect the Nails!

With your outline, begin wrapping the yarn all throughout your piece! Make sure you keep string taut throughout your piece. Tie a knot on your first nail. Connect the different nails to one another making sure the string stays inside the outline. to make sure you have a nice outline, you go once around the entire outline wrapping each nail. Do this at the very end so that the outline is prominent and not hiding behind the zig zag connections you've made. Tie a knot on your last nail. Make sure you keep it

Sign the back, give it to whoever you made it for.

Enjoy making!

I made it at TechShop

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