Nail-less Wooden Chair

Introduction: Nail-less Wooden Chair



Goal: Build a wooden chair without nails or screws.

Note: all dimensions are adjustable, the dimensions in the diagram above produce a particularly low backed chair, with a high seat.


3- 8 foot 2x4

2-72 inch long x ½ inch diameter dowels

1-72 inch long x 3/4 inch diameter dowels

1-bottle wood glue


Table saw


Cross cut hand saw


Sander with spare pads (40 coarse and 100 fine)

Drill press with ¾ inch and ½ inch bits

Measuring tape

About 10 Flat pencils

4 heavy-duty clamps



Using the table saw cut two of the 2x4s long ways to make four 8-foot 2x2s. These will the primary material. According to your own design, cut these pieces to their appropriate lengths.

To build a joint, drill a hole with the drill bit of corresponding diameter on the drill press, to the dowel you intend to use 1.5 inches deep if in the end and through the wood otherwise.

To secure the joints, cut a piece of dowel ½ of an inch longer than the holes it will go through and line up the drill holes. Put some glue onto the dowel and some into the hole; rotate the dowel while inserting it to spread glue around the dowel. Once the dowel can no longer be inserted by hand, finish inserting the dowel with the mallet.

Once all dowels have been inserted use twine to wrap around whichever pieces need to be held tightly together while the glue is drying. To secure these after wrapping them and tying the twine, take a pencil through the twine in the center and twist it until sufficiently tight at which point the pencil should be positioned to keep the twine taught by propping it against on a beam. (see the last picture)

After the glue has dried cut the twine then remove the twine and pencils. Then cut off the extra length from the dowels as close to the surface possible using the hand saw. Sand the remaining butt off to be level more with the surface using 40 coarse sand paper. Finely sand all pieces first with coarse 40 then with 100 fine.

Sit and enjoy!

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    Nice chair Alex!